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Next slot delivery on 1st or 2nd June

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Cheruku Rasalu
Cheruku Rasalu mangoes are juicy mangoes. They are used to prepare pickle before they rare ripened. After ripened, they are very sweet.
Chinna Rasalu
This is the most popular juice mango from the Andhra Pradesh region of India. It usually comes in 2 sizes- the smaller, more popular is called chinnarasalu. The most sought after Chinnarasalu comes from the Nuzvid region of Andhra.
Kothapalli Kobbari
Kothapalli Kobbari is very special and have its own identity from all Andhra Varities. Its unique feature is, fruit is full of fiber and juice, which tastes extra ordinary. This variety is mostly available in Andhra Pradesh in Godavari districts only.
The Panduri mango is a favorite fruit for Indians particularly for Telugu people. Panduri Mango is a popular variety from the coastal region of south india. It is small in size. It is green in colour. The ripen fruit of Panduri Mango is very sweet taste.
Benishan (or Banginapalli Mangoes) is a mango variety produced in Banaganapalle of Kurnool district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It alone occupies 70% percent of total mango cultivable area of the state
Suvarna Rekha/Sundari
Suvarna Rekha also called as Sundari in North India and Latsundari in Orissa originated from Visakapatanam of Andhra Pradesh. The fruit is light Cadmium yellow with a blush of jasper red and abundant small, light coloured dots.

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